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At Finance Crypto Swiss SA, Whether you’re interested in bonds, stocks and we offer unique opportunities for investors to directly participate in the extraction and sale of precious metals. With options to invest in individual mining projects or entire mines with refineries, we provide a comprehensive approach to precious metals investments.

Our Traditional and Precious
Metals Investment Opportunities


Explore opportunities in bonds and stocks with our tailored investment solutions.

Direct Extraction Investment

Invest directly in the extraction process of precious metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Product Sale Investment

Participate in the sale of the refined precious metals, capitalizing on market demand and pricing.

Complete Mine Investment

Explore the option to invest in a complete mine, including ownership of the mine and its refining facilities.

Education and Guidance

Access our comprehensive educational resources and personalized guidance to make informed investment decisions.

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Benefit from our team's extensive experience in the traditional and precious metals mining industry


We provide detailed information on each investment opportunity, ensuring transparency


Choose from a range of investment options to suit your financial goals and risk tolerance

Long-Term Growth Potential:

Precious metals have historically been a reliable investment, offering long-term growth potential

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Mining and Refinery PAC

PAC (Periodic Automatic Contributions)

This investment PAC offers you the opportunity to participate in mineral extraction and mining and refinery management projects. With a minimum investment of $100,000 up to $2 million for mineral extraction and a minimum investment of $3 million for mining and refinery management, this PAC allows you to be part of a key sector in the global economy..

How to get started

If you are interested in investing in mineral extraction or mining and refinery management, contact us for more information and to evaluate the investment opportunities available.

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Investment Opportunities

  • Mineral Extraction: Invest inprojects for the extraction of precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper
  • Mining and Refinery Management: Participate in the management and refinement of precious metals, from extraction to the sale of the final product


  • Driversification: Diversify your investment portfolio with physical asstes such as precious metals.r
  • Growth Potential: Demand for precious metalsremains strong in various industrial and consumer sector.
  • Profitability: Achieve attractive returns through investment in well-managed mining projects, with an estimated annual return of 20%

Investment Requirements

  • Minimum Investment: $100,000 up to $2 million for mineral extraction, and $3 million for mining and refinery management.
  • Duration: Depends on the specific project you invest in